Customer Education

Perfectly maintained paint

Here is an example of a perfectly maintained paint job.  The arrows represent the suns UV rays, showing that they have nowhere to go but away from damaging your precious paint.

Lightly scratched

These light scratches are a representation of most paint jobs we see every day.  This shows the UV rays penetrating the clear coat which then will break it down faster and will show more to the naked eye.  This is repairable!!!

Heavily scratched

Here we're showing you much heavier scratches which can be from numerous things in your vehicles daily life.  These can be deeper fingernail scratches, shopping cart 'love', drive thru car wash brushes and so on.  As you see in this image the scratches are much deeper, but can be toned down to almost be invisible to the naked eye once we're done.

Carpet / Upholstery Extraction

This image is showing what our hot water extractor can do to help revive your interior upholstery.  Here we'll spray an extracting solution to help loosen any soda, coffee etc. that has been spilled, then we'll do a pre 210 degree water spray to finish loosening up most all stains.  The sooner we get to the problem area, the better!

High speed polisher vs. Random orbital polisher

There are many detailing professionals out there that can operate a high speed polisher with flawless results.  BUT, there are also many out there that haven't been educated properly that use the "HSP" that can and will burn your clear coat.  We choose to use Random Orbital Polishers because it makes life much nicer!  Random Orbitals don't spin in just one spot like its big brother the High Speed Polisher.  This helps keep the clear coat cool while polishing out any imperfections.  We like to keep things simple.